BabyDollLadies "Auxiliary Division", 2019

BabyDollLadies "Auxiliary Division", 2019

The Baby Doll Ladies Auxiliary Division is the quintessential drill team of the BDL procession(s) and other appearances. SUMMER BOOTCAMP AND FALL/WINTER REHEARSALS ARE MANDATORY.

In cooperation with The City Of New Orleans, NOSD is proud to host our dance company's fourth annual Baby Doll Ladies Mardi-Gras Day Walking Parade Fat Tuesday, March 5, 2019!

Registration is now open for adult, "select" women of excellence and all ages, who may be interested in: "Parading & Performing" as a BDL Auxiliary Member on Mardi-Gras Day (3/5/19) ***Limited slots available!***

Join the revelry as BDL Auxiliary Members have "fun with fitness", learning BDL line dances & cadences in preparation of the big day. Auxiliary members also engage in the Baby Doll Ladies living history orientation (Q & A) webinar, which is also a requisite for induction. The BDL seasonal activities include: Summer boot camp, Fall fitness and movement workshops and the opportunity to invite your family and friends to The New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies Mardi-Gras Induction Luncheon. Immerse yourelf in an authentic Mardi Gras experience and be a part of living history with the New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies -The gems of New Orleans doll masking culture.

BDL Auxiliary Members appropriate a nominal membership budget PLUS bootcamp fees PLUS parade throws AND All Incoming Members are expected to secure two additional, guest luncheon tickets in advance for inclusion on the New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies 2019 roster.
Auxiliary Membership Package Includes:

* Making new friends!
* An exciting oppportunity to be a part of The Baby Doll Ladies "distinguished" traditions & cultural legacy.
* A series of group-fitness training sessions
* Series of movement & wellness workshops
* 1 (one) reserved member's table setting at the BDL Brunch & Inclusion in The BDL Induction Pageant
* BDL themed costume rental & BDL signature- trademarked face painting by professional artist
* Professional keepsake photo
* Member photo and listing on the website roster
* Seasonal Access to the NOSD/BDL Member Portal
* Options to purchase exclusive BDL gear & BDL parade souvenirs