Application Process

What are the session dates?

Students arrive June 24 or 25. Mandatory orientation is June 25 at 7:30pm. Students can depart on August 11 or 12. APPLY here.

How do I apply?

You apply by filling out the online application. The link is located on several pages of our website or you can click here. The application consists of filling out the online application and uploading a minimum of fifteen-minutes of video of your solo audition material and the required chamber music excerpts, found here. Audio only auditions will not be considered. (Our online application portal is through Decision Desk. They accept the following video formats: mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, m4v, vob.) The application fee is $110 dollars and paid online as the final step in the application process.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for applications is January 31. Late applications will be considered if space is available. APPLY here.

Is it too late to apply?

We continue to accept late applications if space is available. If in doubt, send us an email or call to see if we are still accepting applications after the January 31st deadline. APPLY here.

What if I have problems with the Online Application?

There is a help tab on the right of the application pages to contact Decision Desk, who runs the application site. Meadowmount does not have access to your application until it is submitted. If you need to make changes after you submit your application, please contact the office. If you are unable to fix an issue with Decision Desk, please contact us.

I’m an international student, what is the visa process?

Admitted International students will received an I-20 and Letter of Invitation. You will need to pay the SEVIS Fee online and contact the American Consulate to make an appointment to apply for an M-1 visa. Canadian Students do not need to contact the American Consulate, but need to being the I-20, Letter of Invitation, and proof of citizenship to the boarder for entry. For complete details on the visa process click HERE.

When will I know if I have been accepted?

Admission decisions are sent via e-mail around the end of March. Final wait-list decisions are usually made by the end of April. We ask that you wait until after March 25th to contact us about decisions. If you have a deadline with another program and need to know sooner, please contact us.

How old is the typical Meadowmount Student?

Our age range is 13 to 30+. Each summer, around half the students at Meadowmount are high school age and half are college students, many in graduate programs. Students must be age 13 or older to live on campus. Talented students under the age of 13 that are accepted must live off-campus and be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times when on campus.

What is the tuition and all the fees to attend Meadowmount?

Full tuition for 7-weeks with on-campus housing, including room, board, lessons, coachings, accompanist fees, infirmary fee, activity fee and a security deposit is $7,100. Tuition for off-campus students including lessons, coachings, accompanist fees, infirmary fee, activity fee and a security deposit is $4,100 for the full session. Click HERE for more information.

How do I sign up for extra lessons?

You can sign up for extra lessons during the online application process. If you decide to take extra lesson after you have been accepted, just notify us of your decision. You can also decline the lessons or add more during the summer. Click HERE for more information.

Can I apply to come for less then seven weeks?

We do not accept partial session students. Attending Meadowmount for the full seven-week session affords the maximum benefit of what Meadowmount has to offer. Students who arrive late or depart early still pay the full seven-week tuition and are not eligible for scholarship or chamber music placement.

How do I find Off-Campus Housing?

Once admitted, we will send out a list of available housing rentals to students requesting off campus living. This list consists of homes, shared rentals, apartments and room rentals for families or single adults. Meadowmount does not own, inspect, or offer recommendations on these properties. You can request this list at anytime. You can also contact area realtors for more recommendations.

Are there Scholarships?

Chamber music and solo performance Scholarships are available. Priority is given to those showing highest merit as demonstrated on the audition. Financial need is used only as a secondary consideration. Scholarship range from full tuition to a $700 Service Scholarships. We do not offer financial need based scholarships.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

You can apply for a Scholarship through the online application. Please be aware that large scholarship requests without accompanying merit may jeopardize your acceptance. Students must apply for scholarship when filling out the online application and not after being admitted.

I am on the Wait List. Now what?

There is still hope! We occasionally find some extra spots in April or May as we plan out the dorm room assignments and finalize the studio lists. Call the office to check your wait list status before you commit to other camps.

Payments and Deadlines

What types of payments are acceptable?

Meadowmount accepts payment by check, money order, bank draft or wire transfers. At this time we do not accept credit or debit card payments. You are responsible for all bad check banking fees and bank draft/wire fees. We suggest mailing payments by certified mail.

When is the Reservation Deposit due?

The April 1st date is the date we must receive the Reservation Deposit in our office to secure your spot, it is not the mailing date. Click for Admissions Deadlines.

How should I send my payment?

We recommend you send payment with tracking and/or delivery confirmation. We accept all USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS and other courier services. There is limited overnight delivery to our area so allow a minimum of 2 days delivery service. Click for Admissions Contact information.

How do I make payments from a foreign country?

All payments must be made in US Dollars and drawn on a US bank. Meadowmount does not accept foreign currency and cannot process checks from foreign banks that do not have a US branch. Please contact us if you need to make payments by wire transfer. You are responsible for all bank fees associated with transfers. There is no SWIFT Code affiliated with our bank, so the use of a USA based bank is necessary. Contact admissions directly for more information.

What address should I send my payment to?

Please mail all payments to:
Meadowmount School of Music
1424 County Route 10
Westport, New York 12993 USA

How do I know if my deposit or tuition payment has been received?

You will receive e-mail notification once your payment has been processed. Please note that late payments may jeopardize your placement.

I have to cancel, how do I get a refund?

We must receive written or email cancellations of the Reservation Deposit by April 15th for ½ of the Reservation Deposit to be refunded. After April 15th there is no refund of the Reservation Deposit paid. There are no refunds of any tuition or payments received for any reason after April 15th. Please see Admissions Deadlines for more information.

Getting to Meadowmount

Where is Meadowmount?

Meadowmount is located in eastern up-state New York, in the Adirondack Park. We are about 300 miles north of New York City and 100 miles south of Montreal. See our Arrival and Departure information page for maps and directions.

How do I get from the airport to Meadowmount?

Students arriving via air should fly into the Burlington, Vermont Airport (BTV). Once we received your travel information, we will arrange for a taxi at the airport to take you to the Charlotte/Essex Ferry to cross Lake Champlain. Board the ferry and the school van will be waiting at the Essex, NY ferry dock for your arrival and bring you to school. All transportation fees are the responsibility of the student and/or family. Click HERE for more information. Do Not schedule flight arrivals to the airport after 7:00pm, or departures before 9am as there is no ferry service and Meadowmount will not provide transportation around the lake. Students arriving on days other then our posted arrival days will be charged a $5.00 shuttle fee.

How much will the taxi and ferry cost?

At the time of this posting the taxi is US$50.00. We do our best to have you share the ride with other students, so the number of students in the taxi can divide the cost. The Ferry is US$4.25 (cash only) per walk on passenger.

How do I get from the bus terminal in Keene Valley, NY to Meadowmount?

Once we received your travel information, we will arrange for the school shuttle to pick you up at the “Noonmark Diner” (yes, the bus stop is a diner) in Keene Valley, NY. They have great soft serve, so enjoy an ice cream while you are there! Students arriving on days other then our posted arrival days will be charged a $5.00 shuttle fee.

How do I get from the train station in Westport to Meadowmount?

Once we received your travel information, we will arrange for the school shuttle to pick you up at the Westport Train Station. Students arriving on days other then our posted arrival days will be charged a $5.00 shuttle fee.

For departure, how do I get back to the ferry, airport, train or bus station?

Meadowmount will collect departure information two weeks prior to departure to schedule the school shuttle to take you to the bus, train or ferry. Those going on to the airport will have a taxi waiting for them when they depart the ferry. We do our best to group students so sharing the taxi is an option. All transportation fees are the responsibility of the student/family.

Campus Life

What is the daily schedule like?

Each Student’s daily schedule depends on their assigned studio classes and individually scheduled events. Students practice from 8:30-12:30 in the morning 6 days a week, and one hour in the afternoon from 5-6pm five days per week. The rest of the afternoon is free for lessons, chamber music rehearsals, coachings, masterclasses, guest artist events, accompanist’s rehearsals, concerts, off-campus trips and leisure time. All concerts are mandatory attendance. Curfew for minors and quiet hours for adults is 10pm. Click HERE for more information.

How does chamber music work at Meadowmount?

Placement is established according to your chamber excerpt audition that was submitted with your application. At the discretion of the Director and Faculty, students may be moved from groups as necessary at any time due to individual music ability, group dynamics, or coaching preference. Most students are assigned to one chamber music group. Select violin students will have two groups: one for violin, and one where they play viola. Most groups will be quartets, but there are also duets, trios, quintets, sextets, and even octets. Students receive at least one coaching per week from a Faculty member. Students are responsible to schedule and manage their own daily rehearsals, but help is available from assistants for the younger groups. At the end of the fifth week there is a chamber music competition for a performance spot in one of several on and off campus concerts. Click HERE for more information.

I’m a violinist assigned to play viola… what?!?

Ivan Galamian, the founder of Meadowmount believed that a violin student should be taught to play the viola to become an even more valuable chamber musician. The assignment to play and learn viola is considered an honor at Meadowmount. Students who do not own their own viola will be loaned a school instrument and receive instruction on how to read the clef. This is a very successful program.

How do I find out if I am performing in a concert?

Your Meadowmount Teacher and the Director select which students perform in concerts. Parents are invited to attend but should be aware that student performances are subject to change or cancelation at any time. Concert recordings are available for purchase.

How does Meadowmount handle playing injuries?

Students with injuries work with the Nurse and their Private Teacher to determine a practice program to fit their needs and get them back on track to full health. Students with pre-existing injuries can continue to follow their healing regiment established by their doctor. Yoga, Alexander Technique, Doctor Appointments, Massage and Physical Therapy services are available as needed. (Some classes or services require additional fees and a transportation fee. All additional fees are the responsibility of the student/family.)

What do students do in their free time?

There are a variety of on campus activities including table tennis, badminton, soccer, tennis, and basketball. The Common Room has books, board games, card games, puzzles, cable television and Wi-Fi. Weekends allow for more off-campus trips, sightseeing, hiking, church services and shopping.

Where do I practice?

The vast majority of students have singe bedrooms that also serve as their practice room. Students assigned to double occupancy rooms and piano students will have a practice room assigned to them.

How is the food?

Meadowmount is proud of its food service and spotless facilities. Our food service makes every effort to provide a variety of nourishing foods and accommodates vegetarian students at each meal. A large salad bar is available at lunch and dinner every day and a snack is available every afternoon. Our kitchen staff is notified of any food allergies a student may have. Click HERE for more information.

What if I have special dietary needs and/or food allergies?

Meals on our food line are labeled with ingredients listed as allergens, to avoid health hazards. Vegetarian and gluten free options are available at every meal Please note that due to the large volume of food being prepared, the kitchen is unable to prepare special foods for individual dietary needs. Peanut butter is served in individual sealed containers. At check in all students meet with the school nurse to discuss dietary needs.

What if I have problems with my instrument or bow while at Meadowmount?

Luthiers from Vermont Violins are on campus three to four days a week. They handle all types of repair and bow rehairs. They also sell strings, sheet music and more. They are a full service shop. Due to the high humidity at Meadowmount it is necessary to have your bow rehaired short before arrival.

How come my child attending Meadowmount never calls home?

This is a frequent occurrence. Don’t worry; it is good news. Your child is having a great time, practicing hard and making new friends. Feel free to call the office and we will get a message to your child and tell them to phone home. View our Cell Phone Policy.

When can I have a visitor?

Visitors are allowed on weekends. Saturday 12:30pm to 10pm and Sunday 9:00am to 10pm. Visitors must sign in at the office, meet students at the Main House and are not allowed to enter the dormitories unless they are a parent, guardian, or relative. Students age 18 or older are free to leave campus at any time. Minors may go off campus or spend Saturday night with a parent/guardian or designated visitor if we have a Signed Release by the parent in the office. All students must return on Sunday by 7:30pm to attend the evening concert.

When are Meadowmount Concerts?

We hold three weekly concerts on campus in the Ed Lee and Jean Campe Memorial Concert Hall on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for youth and seniors. Special concerts or events cost more. (All Meadowmount Students and families attend for free.) Parking is free. Program information is available by calling the office the day of the performance. Off-campus concert sites typically include Plattsburgh, Keene Valley, Lake Placid and Westport. These concerts are announced in late June. Click HERE for more information.

What should I bring to Meadowmount?

Best to check out our What to Bring page. Be sure to read over the “what NOT to bring” so you don’t bring more then you should. We also sent a checklist with your admissions notification email.

What dress/performance clothing should I to bring?

Students are expected to dress up for concert attendance. Bring nice shoes, dressy pants or dresses, nice shirts, sport coats or blazers. Performance attire for Chamber Concerts is usually black and white, matching color shirts or all black. Solo performers sometimes wear tuxedos or long gowns of beautiful color. Look at our YouTube videos for attire ideas.

Is there a dress code?

Daily attire is casual summer wear. All students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times. In the dining hall, no shoes, no shirt, no seat! Pajamas are not allowed in the dining hall. The dress code is listed in the school rules that are sent to admitted students. All students sign the school rules as agreement to abide by them.