Guest Artists and New Faculty

2016 Guest Artists Announced:

Paul Katz, cellist of the internationally acclaimed Cleveland Quartet and faculty at The New England Conservatory, joins Meadowmount this summer for a three day residency, including a masterclass. 

Pianist Ann Schein and violinist Earl Carlyss will join us this summer at Meadowmount for masterclasses and chamber music coachings.

Cellist David Geber, soloist and founding member of the American String Quartet, will give a masterclass at Meadowmount this summer. 

Kurt Sassmannshaus, violin professor at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music, comes to Meadowmount this summer to give a masterclass. 

Winner in the senior division of the 2016 Sphinx Competition, cellist Thomas Mesa, will return to Meadowmount this summer for a concert and a performance class.

Announcement of Kikuei Ikeda appointment to faculty:

The Meadowmount School of Music is privileged to announce the appointment of Kikuei Ikeda, 2nd violinist of the Tokyo String Quartet for nearly 40 years, to our Chamber Music Faculty. Mr. Ikeda brings formidable experience and understanding of the string quartet repertoire to our student string quartets.

Guest Workshops 2016:

Gerald Klickstein, Author of The Musician's Way

From The Top Auditions and Outreach Seminar

Joseph Silverstein

Joseph Silverstein: Meadowmount is saddened by the news that we have lost Joseph Silverstein. He was our friend, our supporter and our mentor. He brought to us a sense of joy in music-making and a spirit of honest camaraderie. We will miss him terribly but will forever treasure what he gave us.

Meadowmount in the News

A Blog post on tells the story of Meadowmount and our special relationship with our beautiful surroundings. The article is called Adirondacks: With Strings Attached. Read it Here